Dental Products on Amazon Prime Day

To our lovely patients,

Today October 13th and tomorrow October 14th are Amazon Prime day! You’ll never guess what is on sale! Waterpik Aquarius model ($39.93) and Oral-B 5000 electric toothbrushes ($54.99). Being patients at our office you are all aware of how nerdy we can be when it comes to dental products. We are very passionate about dental health and we love to explain the science to you all to help you make informed decisions on dental products.

For those of you who are not consistent flossers, whether this be due to lack of time or finding a way to incorporate a routine, the Waterpik can be a great alternative to flossing. As most of you will remember flossing is important for two reasons, disrupting the bacterial biofilm interproximal and disrupting the biofilm that likes to sit below the gum line. When the biofilm sits in these areas it causes a byproduct, this byproduct is acidic in nature and can cause demineralization of the enamel (leading to cavities) and inflammation to the tissue which in turn can lead to bone loss (Periodontal disease). Studies have shown that the Waterpik can be more effective that flossing and interdental brushes in biofilm removal. Please see the links below for such studies as well as a link for effective use of the Waterpik.

Click Here for Waterpik Clinical Research

Click Here for a Waterpik Tutorial

As many of you know if you are a patient here we are also big advocates for electric toothbrushes. There are several options that are great on the market and it is mainly dependent on personal preference. However, we are big fans of the Oral-B electric toothbrushes and being that they are currently on sale for Amazon Prime day it is a perfect opportunity to pick one up. It is clinically proven that electric toothbrushes remove up to 75% more plaque than that of a manual toothbrush. The way that an electric toothbrush oscillates or vibrates is so much more effective than we could ever be with our technique alone. Other key features of the electric toothbrush include timers and pressure indicators. If you are converted to using an electric toothbrush you will be surprised at how long 2 minutes is!

Again, our main goal for our patients is good oral health which in turn leads to good overall health. We know that it can be hard to find a routine to incorporate which is why we recommend these products to make your lives easier. We can't wait see you at your next visit and hear who decided to take advantage of these great deals!

Click here to purchase the waterpik

Click here to purchase OralB


Wellness Dental Clinical Team