Patient Information

Becoming a New Patient

  1. Contact us to schedule your first visit at our office.
  2. Click this link to fill out the new patient forms. New Patient Forms
  3. Let us know if you have dental insurance and if you would like us to call your insurance for your benefits breakdown on your behalf. See below for more information on insurances.  
  4. Fill out our new patient forms before your visit to save time. Or arrive 15 minutes before your first visit to fill out the forms in our office.
  5. If you have any current radiographs from your previous dentist please request that they be sent to our office before your visit.  If radiographs are more than a year old, we may take new X-rays to complete a comprehensive exam.
  6. At your new patient visit expect to be with us for an hour.  During your visit our office manager will explain our office policies and educate you on your dental benefits.  You will meet our doctor who will decide what radiographs are necessary to complete your comprehensive exam.  Our dental assistant will take the appropriate radiographs prescribed by Dr. Vu.  During her examination, Dr. Vu will complete an oral cancer head and neck exam, a periodontal exam, assess your caries risk, develop an individualized in office and at home hygiene therapy and present you with your treatment plan.
  7. Lastly, ask questions, we will be presenting you with a lot of information and we want to ensure you everything you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare.  

If You Wish to Make a Payment Click Here

Existing Patient Forms

Dental Insurance

Whether we are a preferred or an out-of-network provider we accept your insurance.

We are not a provider for OHP or Medicare plans.

Keeping You Well Informed

Insurances can be confusing and frustrating to figure out on your own.  Let us help you figure out your benefits, co-pays and deductible by providing us with the information we need to communicate with your insurance company.  To better help you we utilize online tools and make phone calls daily to make sure we give the most accurate insurance information.  We will send a predetermination of benefits to your insurance on your behalf when needed. However even written estimates from your insurance can be inaccurate, leaving you with an unexpected cost in the end.  Any portion of your bill not covered by insurance is your responsibility.  

Payment Options

We accept checks, cash, debit cards, and credit cards. We also offer financing through Care Credit. Care Credit offers many interest-free options and extended payment options with interest. 

Please contact our office for any questions!